Untitled(Astronaut/Moon/Monitor/Chair), 2021

Mixed media, 400 * 400 * 240 CM

From the whole work untitled to the painting packaged on the easel that have not been taken away yet, in this personal space temporarily enclosed by bubble papers in an area of 4m*4m, there are also a broken chair and a used monitor that both rely on carefully chosen books to support, meanwhile the monitor plays clips of rockets landing and buildings blasting in reverse, and a nearly scattered old scroll calligraphed ’Moon‘ hanging behind the easel. These suspended states of different parts of the work are like the Soviet Union’s astronaut in that painting was stuck in between being forgotten and being remembered, between being abandoned and being saved. He might be lucky enough to be brought back by Russian officers later on.

从未被命名的整件作品到画架上被打包却还未被带走的画作,在这个面积为4m * 4m的用气泡纸临时围起来的个人空间中,还有一把破旧的椅子和一个用过的显示器,依靠精心挑选的书籍支持着,与此同时,显示器倒放着火箭降落和建筑物爆破的片段,而一张几乎破碎的老卷轴上书“月”悬挂在画架背后,这件作品不同部分的悬置状态就像那画作中的苏联宇航员被困在被遗忘和被记起、被遗弃和被拯救之间。他也许足够幸运,后来被俄罗斯官员带回。

’Hereditary Territory’, Powerlong Art Museum, Shanghai, 2021

Untitled (Rockets& Demolitions)
HD video, 11 minutes
Wu Xiaoran 2018-2023 — London / Shanghai