0.1 Second before Burnt (Project 596), 2022

These are two paintings which derive from the archival clips of China‘s 596 Project. The images depict the scenes immediately after the explosion of China's first atomic bomb. Everything is illuminated by a dazzling light, and the human eye cannot look directly. After 0.1 seconds, everything in the pictures are because of colossal energy burns and disappears.


Untitled (Atomic Bombs), 2019

From the research of the first succeed atomic bomb experiment “Trinity Project", the artist further explored the moving image source that was rare when the nuclear bomb exploded, and the difficulty of the simultaneous sound recording. Proceeding from this, he tried to use clips and reuse existing materials to capture the slow and strange sense of nuclear bomb explosions, attempting to express the hell-like horror created by nuclear weapons in another non-blasting way.

源自对第一颗成功的原子弹实验“Trinity “的影像研究,进而发掘核弹爆炸时珍惜的动态影像资料,以及素材影片同期声的困难。由此出发,试图通过剪辑再利用已有素材捕捉核弹爆炸时缓慢的诡异感,企图用另一种非爆破的方式表现核武器创造的地狱式恐怖。

Wu Xiaoran 2018-2022 — London / Hangzhou / Shanghai