Wu Xiaoran is mainly interested in the relationship between unofficial narratives and moving images.

Unofficial narratives contain folklore stories, ballads, myths, legends, etc., and use these as a starting point to explore different histories, attempt to relate to contemporary contexts, and find plural meanings from stories that are iteratively being retold.

From years of still photography to the moving image practice today, he is more concerned about the impact of time on the image, trying to let the viewers experience fragmentation and cycle of time through works, not just the mechanized fixed timeline. By this way, and the old stories are retold with new narratives.

吴啸然的创作主要感兴趣于非官方叙事和动态影像之间的关系。非官方叙事包含民俗故事,民谣,神话,传说等非官方的历史,并以此为起点发掘历史,企图和当代语境发生关联,从不断被复述的故事中寻找不同的意义。 从多年静态摄影到如今动态影像的实践,更让他在意时间对于画面的影响。企图通过作品让观者体会时间的错位和循环,而不只是机械化固定的时间进程,而更借由此方式,影响叙事的方式 。

Wu Xiaoran 2018-2020 — London, Hangzhou, Shanghai