Born in Hangzhou in 1986, received his MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Royal College of Art in 2019, and currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Wu Xiaoran's works primarily concern the relationship between image and history, using painting as a traditional cartographic method to open the gap between the two.

History relays what happened in the past through oral narratives, texts, and pictures, yet the space between the real and the carrier is often overlooked due to the passage of time. Through a hand-drawn image of a specious frame from history, he attempts to make the viewer experience the gap between existence and narrative. Thus, the cracks in time and space are torn, and the camouflage of history is pierced. An image takes on a place of its own, and a story of the past is rewritten.





Painting Tiny Times, 33ml Offspace, Shanghai
7th John Moores Painting Prize (China) Exhibition, TAG art museum, Tsingtao
7th John Moores Painting Prize (China) Exhibition, Powerlong Art Museum, Shanghai

Hereditary Territory, Powerlong Art Museum, Shanghai
Dear Someone, GDA Hanhouse Art Gallery, Hangzhou

‘Phase Transition’, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai
“天真之歌与经验之歌” ‘Songs of Innocence & Songs of Experience’, TX Huaihai, Shanghai

Venus in Fur, TX Huaihai Showroom, Shanghai
Orbit Art Show, Bargehouse, London
Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London
'Ten Metaphor', Safehouse, London
'Terminal O', The Horse Hospital, London
'CAPbaret' performance marathon, RCA Gorvy Theatre, London
'Queuing on Stairs', The Crypt Gallery, London

'CAPbaret' performance marathon, RCA Gorvy Theatre, London
'WIP Show', Royal College of Art, London

'一人一格,36', 画英雄ART, Hangzhou
'Start from China', Hillside Terrace Gallery, Tokyo

Wu Xiaoran 2018-2024 — London / Shanghai