Drink Eat Man Woman, 2016
Mixed Media
300cm * 250cm * 250cm

In "Book of Rites," Confucius said "the desire of food amd sex are natural." The artist juxtaposes the images shot in the intimate environment with the scene of family dining in an attempt to create a strange familiarity and challenge traditional concepts.

《礼记》中孔子云“食色性也”。中文形容烹饪方式有:蒸、煮、煎、熬,滚、 煲、烫、炙、卤、酱、 炒、炝、烧、爆、炸、 风、腊、熏、糟、醉、酿、灼、焗、焖、炆、烩、熘、焯、煨、烘、炖、煸、烤……而形容做爱的词则很有限:做、干、肏、搞、交……作者把亲密环境下创作的影像,和家庭用餐的场景并置,企图创造陌生的熟悉感和对于传统观念的挑战。

Wu Xiaoran 2018-2024 — London / Shanghai