'Terminal O', The Horse Hospital, London, 2019

Hermes Intra Muro, 2019

The work is focused on the statue of Hermes that attracted me so much, through the spinning statue image, and the video of scrolling the surface, and a clay sculpture to represent the Hermes statue, in three ways, on the single obejct. This video also uses Emma Gray Trigg’s Poem as a narrative and has become the name of the work. The three parts of the work construct around the form of Herma, the predecessor of Hermes.

Hermes Intra Muros
by Emma Gray Trigg

It was a very little room to hold so much. At first the four blue walls appeared almost to touch. But love cannot be measured, patterned, timed nor stayed By any cubic feet of space that men have made.

And so the little room was lost in sweet disaster. The walls, the ceiling, melted, changed: instead of plaster An open sky; and in a noon-day Grecian sun, Along the sparkling yellow sands I saw you run.

Against your feet white buds of foam broke into bloom. (O stormy sea that raged within the little room!) Your speeding body gleamed like bronze, most beautiful, Released from change and time, deathless, improbable.

You were a stranger and I could not follow you, So fast you ran from me, so quickly you withdrew. But then you stood a moment, strong in full repose, And  four blue walls grew real again and held us close.

Yet still you wore the wild bright air of that far land, Hermes, without his winged sandals, cap and wand. Less god-like, less remote, you were more firmly great For being warm and human and compassionate.
Wu Xiaoran 2018-2024 — London / Shanghai