Tuesday Morning, 2023
Oil on plywood
40 x 30 cm

This painting, based on video footage coincidentally captured by a passer-by in Manhattan on 11 September 2001, depicts a jetliner about to crash into the World Trade Centre. Because the passer-by did not anticipate the event, this critical image was recorded only in glimpse of the shaky camera, and the technical limitations of 25 frames a second prevented a clear view of the content. The whole world lacks a picture that depicts this moment, but it is full of images of what comes after. Therefore, the artist uses his imagination to recreate the moment before the impact. It was Tuesday morning and the sky was exceptionally clear. Suddenly, a jetliner whizzed past Manhattan, and the next moment, the world was never the same again.

这幅画是根据 2001 年 9 月 11 日一名路人在曼哈顿偶然捕捉到的视频片段创作的,描绘了一架喷气式客机即将撞向世贸中心的场景。由于路人没有预料到事件的发生,这个关键的画面只能被摇晃的摄像机一瞥记录下来,而每秒 25 帧的技术限制也使得画面内容无法清晰呈现。整个世界缺少描绘这一刻的画面,但却充满了之后的画面。因此,艺术家发挥想象力,重现了撞击前的那一刻。那是一个星期二的早晨,天空格外晴朗。突然,一架喷气式客机从曼哈顿呼啸而过,下一秒,世界再也不一样了。

Wu Xiaoran 2018-2024 — London / Shanghai